Association of the U.S. Army Comic

The Association of the U.S. Army’s book club has released a “Medal of Honor” comic book series. The series follows the stories of Medal of Honor recipients and the amazing true stories of how they received the medal.

The most recent edition of the series was about the African American war hero Sgt. Henry Johnson.

Once-forgotten African American war hero Army Sgt. Henry Johnson is the latest soldier to be featured in a graphic novel series honoring Medal of Honor recipients. Johnson was part of the Harlem Hellfighters, which was an all-Black 369th Infantry Regiment.

Johnson was ambushed by German soldiers on May 14th, 1918. Outnumbered and outgunned Johnson and his fellow brother in arms Pvt. Needham Roberts fought back their attackers forcing them to retreat.

The raiding party retreated as reinforcements drew near but not before sustaining heavy loses. Johnson fought back 10 to 20 german soldiers, killing four and wounding many others.

Sgt. Henry Johnson fighting off German soldiers.

Readers can view the full graphic story here.

Sgt. Johnson came away from the battle with many injuries, 21 in total. His health declined after the war and died at the age of 36. Years after his death he recieved a purple heart and then later in 2015 he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

The story was written by Chuck Dixon, who has written for comics in the “Punisher” and “Batman” universe.

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