We are currently working actively online shopping experience (a store) for people anywhere in the country to place on our website and our social media sites. Valuable to many that have needs they are buying online. camping gear, clothing, food products that are healthy, Some other items might we suggest, books, seminars of interest, classes. Reaching for toys, flags, custom services, we are open-minded.

Our own amazon you might say is our goal. This shopping in our store has a great twist in that we will be donating all proceeds to Veterans and helping fulfill much need care for Veterans and their families The good news for those of you that are called to be part of our store can place your items for no cost to be a part of a feel-good and back to you are being able to make a difference by participating. The three Wins include, for your company branding and a place to be on a high traffic website and social media, our guests (Veterans) win with more services we can provide, Guardians, we provide jobs, shelter, funds, and support daily. Guardians are able to generate more for our Veterans and homeless population. We are on fire with greatness.

We would very much love for you to participate in our store and vision with a logo on your site but open to how you can go about being in service to recognize Veterans on your site. We a stronghold program of boots on the ground as well and that is resting currently until safety is back in place for our global pandemic challenges.

We will be checking that you are a match to our site. That you have been assured and approved with a review of your site, we will be checking with the better business bureau as well. reading your testimonials that you have provided and shown the capability to be excellent at customer service by being on time and committed to providing your full expertise to those that are purchasing and counting on you to take very good care of their orders. If that is you? Guardians is interested in learning more. about your company. Seeking the cream of the crop.

Listed above we are located in Spokane currently is our home office our brick and mortar office. We impact most western states currently with our support of Veterans and will be impacting the United States with our continued support of Veterans. We have a conference center due to be built out in Idaho as well and several warming centers in place in several states. We work closely with all city council agencies and are well respected and held in high regard, we have been a strong well run nonprofit for 12 years.

Michael Shaw is the founder and a Veteran that came home after his second tour of duty and Micheal stepped up with his own capital and began the nonprofit. Making a difference for thousands of military men and women. The COVID Virus has expanded that to the Homeless population from all walks of life. Apply for your company to be represented today.

The Guardians Foundation TEAM