Memorial Day, A Day to Remember

This Memorial Day Weekend was a sigh of relief for most as time was spent enjoying the company of friends and family in this difficult time. The Coronavirus has put many on hard times and has changed how people interact with one another and has completely flipped peoples normal routines upside down. Last weekend was a reminder to reflect on who or what is important in ones life.

It was a happy change of pace from the normal quarantine behavior. Many could be seen outdoors socializing around a barbecue laughing and playing. If one didn’t know any better, it would look like there was no pandemic at all. A short three day weekend turned into a cause for celebration in what we all long for to come back.

As there was a cause for celebration there was also one for remembrance. Memorial Day was a time to thank those who have served or currently serve in the US military. Many have loved ones that were veterans who have passed on or are still here today. Even with COVID-19 still across the country, US citizens were seen paying their respects to veteran hospitals, shelters and cemeteries across the country.

The Guardians Foundation is no stranger to honoring its veterans. The none profit organization has helped many veterans find work and with this pandemic sweeping the nation many need help. Currently employed veterans at Guardians are helping those that are sick with the virus in Spokane, Washington. Local and state government has seen the impact the foundation has had on its community and the improvements they have made. More funding has been given, however with more and more people losing their jobs, homes and even their health, more work still needs to be done.

Consider donating today to help a great cause. Also, if you know of any friends or family that need assistance feel free to reach out to us. For more news check out our blog. Thank you.


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