Protesters Damage DC Monuments

The last weekend of May was a violent one, with protesters in many major cities across the United States destroying property, robbing stores and attacking police.

The death of George Floyd sparked a fire in the nation for justice from Minneapolis police. After being arrested and handcuffed, Floyd was held down with a police officer’s knee on his neck. Screaming that he couldn’t breath, Floyd was given no remorse from the police officers. After a staggering 9 minutes of being held down with a knee in the back of his neck, George Floyd was dead.

Outraged, black communities across the nation demanded justice for the murder of George Floyd. However, what started as peaceful protests turned into assault, looting and destruction of property. Appalled, the original protesters did not condone the actions of these vandals and were sickened that these people would use this time to rob and destroy property for fun.

In Washington, D.C., The VA Headquarters was damaged along with many veteran monuments on Sunday night. Windows were broken into and profanity was spray painted on the walls of the VA building. Spray painted messages could be seen outside the Lincoln memorial and other historic landmarks.

The National Guard was called into action with 17,000 troops being deployed across the country to maintain these riots and regain peace and order.

The name of the police officer that is now being charged with third-degree murder has been released as Derek Chauvin. Court documents show that while the officer had had his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, three of those minutes Floyd was unresponsive and assumed to have already suffocated.

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