PTSD Treatment with Grant for Veterans

A $12.5 million grant was given to the Tulane University in the sole purpose to create a new Center for Brain Health. The center will specialize on PTSD and brain injuries in military veterans.

Discharged veterans and their family will be able to be diagnosed by the new clinic. The Avalon Fund is responsible for the grant, and works directly with mentally traumatized veterans.

A total of 15,262 veterans have suffered from traumatized brain injuries in the U.S. The Tulane University is no stranger to diagnosing and helping brain injured patients as they have worked directly with the NFL and its retired athletes.

The new center will include an evaluation, outpatient services and follow-up for at least one year after a patient is discharged. Also the center will begin research into other health concerns, such as cardiovascular and psychological conditions. Speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and individual and group veterans’ relations will also be available at the clinic.

The hope is the new Center for Brain Health will be able to treat 400 patients each year. The center has no intention to compete with the VA hospital, but instead wants to partner with them on more difficult cases of TBI and PTSD.

The center will specialize on veterans suffering from PTSD and brain injuries but in some cases treatment will overlap with athletes suffering from TBI. To learn more about this new program check out the university press release.


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