Shots Fired in Minnesota

A National Guardsman in Minnesota opened fire on an unknown vehicle as it charged forwards toward a barricade. After 3 shots were fired upon the vehicle, the driver fled the scene.

This event happened Sunday, May 31st. The driver refused to change course or speed when shouted upon and waved down. Shots were fired at vehicle with non-lethal intent, and was mainly an action to dissuade the incoming vehicle from approaching any further.

This is the second time Guardsmen and police have fired shots at civilians during the protests. The first was in Kentucky when a member of a large group supposably fired a weapon at police early Monday morning. However, no footage of said event could be recovered as no officers had their body cameras on at the time.

Protests still continue across the U.S., some being peaceful while others take advantage of the situation to rob and cause mischief. In Seattle, WA protests have been peaceful after the raids and riots that swept the streets a few days prior. Protest groups are punishing those that are being violent as they know there is no positive outcome with violence.

The night of May 31st in Seattle, protesters and police peacefully stood their ground with no bloodshed or rioting of any kind. Hopefully this example can spread through the country and create a dialogue between both police officials and those demanding justice for George Floyd.

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