Spokane Arena Homeless Shelter

Spokane Arena has been helping its local citizens during the difficult times of the COVID-19 outbreak. Currently the arena has been holding 100 people a night, which is the maximum number of patrons it can hold. Those that are handicap can stay day and night, while others need to leave after breakfast so the building can be completely cleaned.

The Guardians Foundation has been in charge of this operation and has been said will last through mid August. The arena was chosen not only for its size but because it has bathrooms and running water. Showers and laundry services are also available for its patrons. The service and care that the staff at the Spokane Arena have been giving to those in need has been a blessing. Many homeless have been given shelter here when they were turned away elsewhere.

Before anyone is allowed to go into the building their temperatures are checked. If anyone shows symptoms of the COVID-19 virus they’re immediately placed in an isolation room. From there, staff members will take the person to the fairgrounds for a COVID-19 test.

100 people are currently housed in a 7,500 square foot space. All the beds have someone sleeping on them and are practicing social distancing. Security is also present on the outside and inside of the Spokane Arena which is provided by the Guardians Foundation.

Mike Shaw, the CEO of Guardians wants everyone to feel safe and secure in the building. No violence will be tolerated and no loitering of any kind by neighboring homes will be excepted. Weekly neighborhood meetings are being set up to address any concerns as well.

For more information visit the KXLY Spokane webpage.

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