Spokane Mayor Honors Guardians Foundation

Spokane Washington, June 10th, 2019 – Spokane Mayor, David Condon honors non-profit community partners including Michael Shaw, founder and Executive Director of the Guardians Foundation. A mission was created by Give Change to stop panhandling and instead donate to “services and not individuals”. Although the compassionate people of Spokane mean well be giving money to homeless individuals they are unknowingly creating a new problem. The chief of the Spokane police department explains,”in the process of giving directly to these panhandlers they are fueling some really bad habits and addictions these panhandlers and struggling with”. The idea of giving to the services rather than the individual stops the funding of these bad habits and provides a more long term solution to the homeless crisis.

Like the few other organizations helping the homeless problem, Michael Shaw and the Guardians Foundation help homeless veterans get back on their feat. The Guardians Foundation was created in 2011 while Shaw was deployed in Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn and the Global War on Terror. He has served as the Executive Director since the inception of the organization, but has yet to take a paycheck for his work, choosing to donate those funds back to the Guardians Foundation. Recently retired after nearly two decades of service in the US Army, he lives in the organization’s transitional housing, assisting with case management for the residents.

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