New “Supply Room” Store Opens

The Guardians Foundation has finally finished creating an online store or “supply room” after months of hard work. This supply room provides a platform for companies to showcase their products and services. Like an amazon smile, this supply room takes commission from the companies products. Customers will not be charged extra when purchasing through the Guardians store. In fact, many companies have offered coupons to decrease the price of certain items when shopping through the foundation. The proceeds go directly to the core of the nonprofit organization, which provides the much needed resources for many veterans and homeless in need.

Recently the Supply Room has been given two new companies that are very excited to be part of the Guardians Foundation mission. Kevin Judd, a products representative helped a great deal with coordinating Biosecurity Solutions and Earth Born Global to come together to get their products up on the store.

Earth Born Global is run by a group of individuals passionate about CBD and health & wellness. The company was founded by Heath Bennett and Garrett Wood who are industry professionals and doctor formulated by Dr. Rick Potts. The mission of the company is to provide high quality CBD to everyone, globally, at an affordable price. Earth Born Global products can be reviewed and purchased in the supply room.

Biosecurity Solutions provides top of the line mold and bacteria remover at affordable prices. Using natural ingredients, Redox Pro can safely be used around humans and pets without issue. Their products remove grime, stain, and residue and also leaves the area completely odor free. Sales have also been picking up with the pandemic scare with people wanting to feel safe and free from potential infection. Biosecurity Solution products can also be found on the supply room store.

Feel free to check out the Supply Room and it’s newly available products for sale. Also consider donating today to help a great cause. Furthermore, if you know of any friends or family that need assistance feel free to reach out to us. For more news check out our blog. Thank you.


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