Hollyn P

My husband left about 5 years ago and the state and I have been unable to find him to set child support. I have worked as much as possible to makes ends meet but I am in a great deal of pain and 80% disabled through the VA. That has been a blessing but I am only able to just make it month to month with only that and $500 a month in wages. Buying the girls mattresses is not an expense I have been able to afford. They still sleep on their crib mattresses that I have duct taped to hold them together. I am so grateful for the help I received at The Guardians Foundation TGF Thrift Store in Post Falls. Not only did they provide beds for my children but they delivered them to my home in Kingston on a Sunday.

Donald and Jean R 9/8/16

The Guardians Foundation was so helpful - they moved us to Cheney, WA. We have no vehicle so they gave us rides to our apartment with the Guardians van and another vehicle. We had to have them make two trips. They helped move furniture, boxes, plus helped us set up our beds and arranged the bedroom so we were able to go to sleep in our new home without worries. We were not able to afford a moving van so having The Guardians Foundation help was the only way we were able to move to a disabled, low-income apartment. They worked until after 7:30pm. We are so grateful and thankful for all their help.

Sarah H 8/28/16

I'm a new patient to the VA in Spokane. I am rated permanent & total disabled by the VA and have housebound status for my medical conditions. I needed a safe place to stay since I didn't feel safe going home. Within a few hours of first contacting Mike, I had a home to go to and all the amenities I could ask for. Thank you to The Guardians Foundation!

Albert B 6/28/16

The Guardians Foundation gave me a safe place to live. They removed alcohol from my living situation, giving me the ability to have a safe place to eat and cook food. The shelter is close to easy bus access. Mike Shaw gave me rides to my VA medical appointments.

Nolan R 5/28/15

Thank you Sarge & group for placing me at the Kootenai House with Randy and his sweet dog, Pete, while my wife was recovering from hip surgery. Thanks for your assistance & blessings.

family and veterans

While staying at The Guardians Foundation, I have the opportunity to see my children and family. Thank you Guardians Foundation for everything. Always will hold a place in my world. Always will be grateful.

John N 5/19/16

The Guardians Foundation helped me at the lowest point in my life. I found myself homeless with no money or food. Within an hour of calling the founder, Michael Shaw, I was picked up, fed, and housed with my own room. Now I am stable and headed to a high-paying job in Alaska. It's all thanks to The Guardians Foundation.

David D 5/16/16

I became homeless due to unemployment. I sought help and assistance at Spokane County Vet Services. They directed me to The Guardians Foundation. I moved into the Mission House and as of now I am looking forward to getting back to work and moving forward.

Robert K 5/4/16

I am a disabled vet and I'm sick; fatigue, weight loss, body aches, pains, etc. I have been out of work for over 5 months and have lost all savings reserves. I have nothing left. Currently waiting for SS or VA benefits increase. My income is $130 a month. My fiance earns approximately $900/ month. We were staying in our car. We made a call for help. Mike Shaw came to our rescue. We have been very grateful ever since. We have a roof over our head, food, and are safe at The Guardians Foundation. As we are looking for Section 8 housing, we know we have a "home".

Rene' A 5/4/16

The Guardians Foundation is a wonderful program! I don't know how I would have come through a difficult time in my life without Mike Shaw!! He has given me a roof over my head and a warm shower!! He and his foundation are truly amazing human beings who give so much to people down and out in life! I would literally be sleeping out in the cold or a woman's shelter! But, here I can still be with my fiance'!! They are wonderful people who treat me like family!! I am truly appreciative to Mike every day of my life!! Thank you, Guardians!! God Bless!

Leilani F 5/3/16

My husband and I became homeless and we have really no friends or family - no support. We were living out of our car with the few things we owned. We set up tent a few places and had hardly any funds left. No food, no gas, almost at our wits end. I received a message from Mike Shaw and almost didn't call him back because I thought he might have been a representative of all these places that "offer" hope but really have none. I am really grateful and blessed that I did call him. When I did call, he asked if I had any gas to get to Spokane. I said we might but not enough to get my husband back to Post Falls for work the next day. He said, "Don't worry. We will take care of it." The people here are really friendly and full of wisdom. We are still trying to find a place of our own - with the help of my fellow veterans who have sacrificed and endured more than I can imagine. They are helping us get back on our feet. I am blessed and truly grateful for The Guardians Foundation. When we were lost and without hope, they came to our rescue.

Dennis K 3/16/16

I can't thank Mike Shaw enough for all the help and guidance and support given to me during my stay here at this nice location. The hospitality has been very wonderful and clean. Could not have been able to go on with all the troubles I have been having without their help and concern. Thanks again Mike for your wonderful work.


Today a wonderful couple discovered a veteran walking along the highway as they were traveling from Sandpoint to Coeur d'Alene. During their conversation, he revealed that he was on his way from Montana to California. They were referred to The Guardians Foundation by North Idaho CBOC and we were able to provide him with a bus ticket the same day to return home.

John R 2/19/16

I came back to the CDA/Spokane area to reunite with my young son. I was looking for housing and starting to lose hope when someone gave me the number for The Guardians Foundation. Mike, the founder and Executive Director, showed up within 30 minutes. Thanks to them I was able to see my son yesterday which relieved a lot of stress and anxiety. They gave me hope. I am forever grateful.

Ian O 2/10/16

The Guardians Foundation provided me with temporary food and lodging until I was able to get my own place.

Jennifer W 12/28/15

Thank you for the buss pass. It will really help me get to the appointments I need. You work so hard to make a difference. Best wishes to you for the new year.

Jimmy M 11/16/15

I lost my job and my home due to PTSD. I came across a flyer for The Guardians Foundation and within 15 minutes of calling them, I was picked up and taken to one of their houses. I am now blessed with food, water, shelter, and more. I am forever grateful. If it weren't for them, I would be in a very desperate situation.

Jesse J 10/23/15

On my way to Williston, ND to find a job, all my money was stolen. I arrived in Williston with nothing. I came in contact with the pastor of a church who contacted Mike Shaw. Mike arranged for a motel room for the night and then a train ticket to Spokane the next day where I was provided housing, food, and services to help find gainful employment. If it was not for the Foundation, I have no IDEA what I would have done.

Michael S 10/12/15

I recently moved to this area and was wandering the streets of Spokane with all of my belongings on my back when I met a representative of The Guardians Foundation. After finding out I was a homeless Iraqi combat vet, he brought me to the house. That day, instead of sleeping on the street in the freezing wind and rain, I was able to sleep in a warm house. Without them, I would be sleeping on the street in an unfamiliar town, alone and scared.

Ronnie W 9/18/15

My family and I recently became homeless. I am a disabled vet & unable to work. I am pursuing a VA disability rating but it's a slow process. I was referred to The Guardians Foundation by my resource officer. Within an hour we were brought to a home. We were starting to lose hope but The Guardians Foundation brought it back to us.

Tim H 9/8/15

As a homeless veteran, I was put in contact with Michael Shaw from The Guardians Foundation. To my surprise, he came to the VA within a half hour and had a place for me to stay. The Foundation has surpassed all expectations. Mike is a God-send in my time of need and I am so thankful.

Doug S 8/25/15

I have a brain tumor and have recently become homeless. It's been difficult for me to talk to people about my situation or ask for help. Talking to Mike made it easier. I now have a place to stay and am thankful to The Guardians Foundation.

Brian W 8/24/15

I was close to having to live on the streets or in my car. I was referred to The Guardians Foundation by the VA in CDA. Now I have a safe place to stay at the Harbor House and am grateful. This is definitely a cause the community should support to help Veterans in need!

Bob R 8/20/15

I have been living in a tent after losing my job. I went to Health & Welfare for assistance where they told me about The Guardians Foundation. Mike Shaw immediately moved me into one of their homes. I have been treated with the utmost respect and their kindness is greatly appreciated.

Dawn P 8/19/15

Thank you for helping our resident with their rent. As we are a military family, too, we do appreciate programs like yours that assist our military in their time of need.

Kathy S 7/9/15

I came to Coeur d'Alene, ID to find a job but ran out of time, money, and resources. The Guardians Foundation put me in housing immediately for myself and my daughter. We now have food and a safe place to stay.

Erick Z 7/2/15

The Guardians Foundation provided me with much needed service. They are there to help fellow veterans any way that they can. I owe them a debt of gratitude. I hope in the future I can repay them by volunteering.

Cory C 3/25/15

I was homeless for years, working odd jobs, bouncing from state to state. Within 24 hours of walking into the TGF Thrift Store, the foundation gave me housing, food, work, and a new family with a great support system!

Randy F 3/22/15

The Guardians Foundation provided me with much appreciated shelter when I could find none. I am very grateful for this assistance.

D.M. Bloom 3/4/15

I was about to be out in the cold but thanks to The Guardians Foundation, I have a nice place to stay until they are graciously helping me get back home to Arizona. I will be eternally grateful and will remember them always.

Timothy B 2/5/15

The Guardians Foundation had a place for me to stay out of the cold. I had recently been discharged from the VA Hospital and was facing homelessness during the winter. The location made it easy to get to appointments at the VA and I am well on my way to permanent housing

Mike & Barbard W 1/22/15

My wife and I had exhausted ALL of our resources trying to stay warm. If The Guardians Foundation had not come along and put us in a house when they had, I am not sure what would have happened, but I believe they saved us from freezing.

Brianna E 01/03/15

I am writing to thank you for the gracious assistance you have given my family and I. I suffered from a brain aneurysm in November. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids under age 10 & married to a SSGT in the AF. Due to my injuries, I was forced to stop working. We are so humbled with your check. With Christmas upon us and bills piling, I cannot thank you enough!!

Justine S 10/27/14

My husband was recently released from the VA Hospital and is still receiving counseling for PTSD. He has been sleeping in his car for the past month. The Guardians Foundation reunited our family and placed us in the Spokane House until we are able to get a place of our own

Chris C 10/23/14

I am a homeless vet with no income. The Guardians Foundation has given me shelter and a starting point to rebuild my life.

Shaun S 10/10/14

Mike Shaw and The Guardians Foundation have been a crucial part of my recovery. When I was hit by a car, they provided housing, food, transportation, & support.

Chris G 10/6/14

I was homeless for seven months before I arrived at The Guardians Foundation Spokane House. I was relieved to have a bedroom at the house and am now looking for work. This is a blessing.

Sarah W & Patrick G 9/25/14

The Guardians Foundation is really helping our family out. They have made it so that we have a roof over our heads. We are most grateful of the assistance.

Wade R 9/29/14

I wanted to say thank you to The Guardians Foundation for being there for me. Without hesitation, they helped me by providing a safe place to sleep so I could stop living in my car. I am very thankful for the swift and kind support I have received.

Robert A 9/11/14

I met Mike Shaw through a friend at church and received assistance in the form of gas, food, and temporary housing. This is greatly appreciated.

Timothy E 9/2/14

Thank you for your help paying my phone so I could get a job.

James E 8/29/14

I was temporarily displaced while studying at EWU... A weight was lifted off my shoulders when I found out about The Guardians Foundation. They helped me out. THANK YOU!!

Shaun & Lisa S 4/29/14

Thanks for the assistance. What you're doing is so kind and generous.

Terena S 3/5/14

I now have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I now have a place to lay my head and a shower. They saved me from the streets.

Mary B 3/4/14

Since I've moved into The Guardians Foundation facility, my life has been so much less stressful.

Mikel H 2/13/14

Life was dismal at best. I battled chronic homelessness & struggled to find resources. The Guardians Foundation provided food, clothing, and a safe, secure, stress-free environment... one of the best things to happen to my family in a long time.

Jason B 1/24/14

The Guardians Foundation has helped me and my family so much that I feel I could never repay them.

Larry & Ruthie T 1/16/14

When everyone else turned us away, you opened your hearts and helped us. The Guardians Foundation is there for vets and their families. God Bless You All.

Serena P 8/9/13

I now have a stable place, roof over my head, bed, food, no stress, peace of mind, very relaxing environment, and a fantastic group of people to hang out with.

Bartimaeus A 8/7/13

Because of the generosity of The Guardians Foundation, I was able to complete my schooling and am now a licensed massage therapist working at a local day spa.

Michael L 7/24/13

The Foundation found us in a parking lot, over-heated, weary, hopelessly at the end of our ropes. They took us in immediately with no preconditions; gave us rest, nourishment, peaceful lodging, transportation & encouragement to reassess our lives & consider our future in ways that we had considered unavailable to us.

Greg B 7/19/13

I've been amazed at how quick assistance was offered. I have been surprised at the professionalism, generosity, understanding, and compassion.

Steve M 2013

Within 30 minutes I was picked up and taken to a nice home on the river. The Foundation gave me a phone to make calls for jobs. I found a job in Kodiak and the Foundation is getting me to my new job. Thanks to the Foundation, I have my life back.

Bill R 1/15/13

When I came to The Guardians Foundation with no place to stay, Mike and the guys welcomed me and gave me a safe place