VA Patients Continue to Die From Virus

On May 28th, a total of 1,200 VA patients were recorded to have died from the Coronavirus. There were only 512 deaths recorded at the beginning of May and this week has had an increase in deaths of almost 10 percent from the last.

Patients cared for by the VA that have gotten the Coronavirus have seen 9 percent of them dying, which is 3 percent more than the cases among all Americans in general. This is partially due to the fact that most of these veterans are elderly and are at a higher risk to contracting the virus.

However, cases of the virus that are still active has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. A total of 1,390 VA patients still have not recovered from the illness, which an 18 percent decrease from the past week.

Veterans Affairs leaders see this as a big win and the teams response in the last few months with the coronavirus was a great success. With the active case numbers falling, department hospitals have begun to get back to the normal swing of things.

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has come under fire with many saying VA workers were not properly equipped and under unsafe conditions. Wilkie responded saying that workers have been given all the tools they needed to be safe including masks, gloves and gowns.

A total of 31 VA workers contracted and died from the coronavirus, and almost 1,500 have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic started.

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